Our mold air testing services provide you with exposure levels of airborne mold spores that are not visible to the naked eye, but are usually the culprits of unexplainable negative health effects and allergic reactions that are experienced while indoors.

This type of testing is recommended for clients who answer yes to one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you suffer from allergy-like symptoms while at home, but not when you leave the house?
  • Do you rent and find that your place is damp, humid, moldy and potentially making you sick?
  • Would you like to know if your indoor air quality is being negatively impacted by airborne mold spores?
  • Have you had water damage or mold growth issues in your home that have been ongoing for a long time?
  • Does your home suffer from a damp or humid basement during the summer or from condensation issues on windows in the winter?

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Not all companies are created equal, our technicians are University graduates with education in environmental and biological sciences, they are certified, carry professional liability insurance for errors and omissions, and have the experience and know-how to properly assess indoor mold issues and airborne mold exposure levels that may be negatively impacting your indoor air quality.

Our process involves doing a full walkthrough of suspect indoor areas that includes visually inspecting for signs of water damage and mold growth, as well as thermal scanning and moisture mapping for potential leaks and water infiltration issues, while also collecting temperature and relative humidity readings in order to determine the best sampling plan for you. We then collect air and/or surface samples that are taken to a certified third party lab for fast analysis.

Once we receive the lab results, we quickly draft a written report that fully documents our visual observations, temperature and relative humidity readings and their implications, as well as a full written explanation and interpretation of the lab results and scope of work for the proper removal of mold growth, airborne mold contamination, and settled mold spores that may be impacting items.


If you have decided to tackle your own mold removal project, or if you would like to know if the contractor that you hired successfully completed your project, then having mold clearance air testing is highly recommended.

Mold clearance air sampling will let you know if your mold removal project was done right. It will also provide you with proper paperwork that could be crucial if you are dealing with tenants, employees, or a potential sale of a property that may give rise to legal implications.

Mold clearance air testing can also help you verify if previously tested areas remain contaminated and additional work is required, or if they are back to acceptable conditions.

Finally, mold clearance air testing can also help determine if previously tested areas, that were good prior to the start of any mold removal work, have inadvertently been cross-contaminated by improper mold removal work.

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