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  • Indoor Air Quality TestingThere are many factors such as mold spores, airborne particulates, VOCs, and formaldehyde off-gassing that can have a negative impact on your indoor air quality and your health.Learn More
  • Mold in Air and Surface TestingWe offer both viable & non-viable mold sampling services. All samples collected are sent to a third party AIHA certified laboratory for independant analysis.Learn More
  • Asbestos Sampling Whether you would like to have one of our techinicians come to your site and acquire samples, or you would like us to perform a full scale asbestos survey, or you have samples that you would like to submit for analysis, the choice is yours. Learn More
  • Pre-Renovation Lead TestingOld paints and coatings used to contain lead, as such painted surfaces in older buildings should be tested for lead . Learn More
  • Mould Removal OttawaWhen mold growth is found within an indoor environment, the cleanup costs can become subtantial if the problem is allowed to persist for prolonged periods of time.Learn More


  • We develop and implement site specific sampling plans when we inspect buildings facing difficult IAQ issues.

    During a standard inspection we can investigate the precense of pollutants that includes VOCs, Cabon Dioxide, 2.5┬Ám PM, and formaldehyde off-gassing.


  • From testing for possible hidden mold growth, to assessing the scope of the mold contamination that may require remediation.

    Our mold assessments, sampling plans, and reports are tailored to meet your specific project needs, as well as priced to fit your specific budget.


  • If you are planning or are in the process of begining a building renovation project, you need to complete an abestos survey in order to meet mandatory Ontario regulations.

    Materials that should be tested prior to removal include plaster, insulation, & ceiling/floor tiles.


  • Mold remediation projects should begin with an assessment of the work site in order to determine the extent of the contamination.

    From there, we can formulate a proper plan with clear goals and expectations that can be verified by environmental professionals through clearance tesitng.